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Alumni Association Approved And Ready To Grow

Thank you to some important alums who helped to create the springboard for our Alumni Association.

Last spring, a group of dedicated alums began to gather bi-weekly with me through teleconferences, dinners, and a lot of emails. Their charge was to brainstorm and design a structure for an Alumni Association, in which they would enjoy remaining active. The result of the work was presented to Interim Head, Michael Eanes, who provided the findings to the St. Andrew’s Board of Trustees and new Head of School Sean Murphy, as the school was forming the new strategic plan last fall.

The first task of the committee was to create a Mission Statement, which is:

The mission of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Alumni Association is to maintain and promote the connection of alumni to the School and to strengthen the mission of the School and its community through alumni involvement.

Through extensive discussions, presentations of the experiences each committee member had experienced with his or her college alumni offices, and reflecting on the school community, the group created the bylaws which have been accepted by the Board of Trustees. While everyone on the committee contributed and debated thoughts for the philosophy of the document, special thanks go to John Bennett, who produced the framework and patiently nursed the document to completion.

The bylaws call for an Alumni Board, a liaison with the St. Andrew’s Board of Trustees, Class Agents, and meetings centered around natural opportunities for alumni to gather, like the Holiday Get-Together and the 5-year and 10-year reunions. No dues are required!

In addition, the group created a survey to send to alums soliciting opinions about ways to stay in touch, ideas for remaining active in the life of the school, and operational guidelines for Alumni Association leaders that would not be too time consuming, but would be meaningful interfaces with the school.

Other thoughts that arose included the creation of a private group on LinkedIn, the continued use of the Alumni Blog and Facebook for sending news and alumni updates, the creation of an available job billboard, and a searchable directory.

Thank you to these devoted and enthusiastic alums for helping us to establish the foundation for an exciting alumni community.

Allison Brubaker will be taking the lead on following through with the next phases of the formation of the Alumni Association. She will be looking for willing volunteers beginning this summer. The future of St. Andrew’s will always be influenced by its alumni. If you would like to get involved, Allison would love to hear from you.


Walker Wroe ’09 graduated from Ole Miss and is currently pursuing a master’s in engineering at the University of Texas.


Margot Miller ’04 graduated from Pomona and is currently the Operations Manager for MidWest Roots in Chicago.


John Bennett ’02 graduated from Williams and the University of Virginia School of Law and is an oil and gas attorney with Walker Keeling, LLP, in Victoria, Texas.


Katie Fitzpatrick ’07 graduated from Yale and has been a derivatives analyst at Greenlake Capital in New York, but begins nursing school at Columbia in the fall.


Callie Clemons ’07 graduated from Washington and Lee in 2011, returned to Austin, and just graduated from the University of Texas School of Law. She is pictured above with new College of Charleston grad, Flo, and new St. Andrew’s grad, Skip.


Nancy Garrison ’77 is a current St. Andrew’s parent with Sam as a rising senior and Tucker a rising ninth grader. Nancy, and husband, Dan, are owners of Garrison Brothers Distillery and are award winning makers of Texas Bourbon.


Dr. Christy Tucker ’05 (left) is a graduate of Davidson University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and is currently working as a post doctoral fellow in Clinical Psychology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.


RJ Axe is a graduate of the University of the South and is currently in the construction business in Nashville, Tennessee. He is pictured with ’08 friends Bowman Townsend and Clara Merchant.


Alex Wolford ’10 is just back from Australia and continuing her degree in business at the University of Texas.


Trey Garza ’04 graduated from Notre Dame and is a engineer for Myriad RBM, an Austin company providing biomarker solutions. He is pictured with ’06 friend Sara Taube.

Thank you again to all of the graduates who not only helped to create the school that St. Andrew’s is today, but who continue to build our new alumni community.

It has been a joy for me to share the inspiring stories about Upper School graduates and alums who attended St. Andrew’s in the early days. I have loved celebrating the passions and achievements of the St. Andrew’s alumni, and look forward to reading the news to come.

4 comments to Alumni Association Approved And Ready To Grow

  • Congratulations! You have all put so much work into this project, and it has been a pleasure following alumni and their projects through this blog.

  • Shari

    Congratulations and thank you. Your inspiring and innovative articles and ideas have made the SAS Alumni Association dream a reality. You will be sorely missed! Best wishes in your next chapter.

  • Elizabeth Guice

    Jim, your leadership, your devotion, your vision, your connections with students (past and present), your love of St. Andrew’s, and your giving heart have made the Alumni Association and St. Andrew’s what they are today. There is not enough thanks to capture the depth of gratitude that St. Andrew’s owes you. I don’t think that we have honorary alumni awards, but I’d give one to you! To say you will be missed is an understatement… May the future be bright!

  • Donna Osborn

    Thank you for all of your nurturing of the alumni and vast contributions you have made to St. Andrew’s. You are one of the amazing treasures that make St. Andrew’s more than just an institution of learning. Best wishes to you as you will no doubt be an amazing asset in your next career adventure.