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Grace Sauder Storan ’03: Examining Medical Ethics In Ireland

When Grace Sauder graduated from St. Andrew’s in 2003, everyone thought it was a natural when she decided to attend USC to study theatre. Grace had performed in play after play, was a member of the Select Choir, starred as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and had a beaming presence on the stage.

Pictured below from Fall 2002 are Helen Hollyman, Tera Hulett, Grace Sauder, and Emily (Dyer) Simons with Mr. Works at the Senior Breakfast.
But, during Grace’s time at USC, she “did a complete 180” and changed her major dramatically. Grace undertook a double major in religion and peace and conflict studies. “Who could have predicted that!” she says.

After graduation, Grace went to London to work toward a master’s degree in human rights at the London School of Economics. It was there that Grace met a new friend, Bart Storan. Bart had just completed a degree at Trinity College in Dublin and was also participating in the human rights program.The two were good friends during their degree pursuits.

Grace returned to Austin and worked for local health-focused non-profits. As she was about to enter another degree program in Atlanta, the relationship became more serious and Grace moved to Dublin, spending time working with Bart on a political campaign, which successfully elected an unknown independent to the Irish Parliament.

The election gave Grace an opportunity to experience living in Ireland, and she loved it. She decided to stay and continue her studies by entering into the PhD program in law at UCD. Her current research is focused on medical ethics issues, looking specifically at conscientious objection in healthcare. “The topic has given me the chance to bring all of my research interests together: religion, health and human rights.”

In January 2013, in Austin, Bart proposed. In October, the couple was married in what Grace termed as an “international celebration.” In the midst of all of the planning, Grace was teaching her first college course, a law and philosophy class for juniors and seniors. Her work on her PhD will be completed this summer…just in time for twins to arrive in the fall! Congratulations Storans!

In the expanding world of healthcare and healthcare change, I’m sure we’ll hear more from Grace.

1 comment to Grace Sauder Storan ’03: Examining Medical Ethics In Ireland

  • Elizabeth Guice

    Grace – though I might not have predicted that exact double major, I would have definitely predicted that you would seek to do something meaningful with your life and something that helped others. I remember conversations about how you might pursue photojournalism in an effort to tell the stories of those who had no voice to tell their own stories. It seems that you are still looking to do that in a world that so badly needs someone with a compassionate and keen voice such as yours. I’m so excited that you are going to be a mother – you will be a loving and strong role model for your twins! I hope that life continues to deliver to you the goodness that you undoubtedly are pouring into it as you write these next chapters of your story… Ever your fan and ever inspired by you, Miss G