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Ben Powell ’08: The Power Of Water And Light

When strangers meet an elder in an African village, there is often a ceremony during which a cola nut is given to the village chief as a sign of peace. The nut is broken into pieces and shared as part of the recognition that trust between the two parties is growing. Ben Powell was part […]

Bowman Townsend ’08: Because I Love My Mom

Is there a better way to start a blog than with a quote from a loving son? On August 23rd, Bowman Townsend dedicated a blog post on the Black Lillies site to his mom. “Because I love my mom.”

When Bowman Townsend ‘08 headed off to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, he was […]

Reunion Weekend: Welcome Home Classes of 2003 and 2008

We started off the big weekend with an alumni-parent party on Thursday night. It was great to see alums and their parents, who had been together for so many games and performances in years past. Thank you Eddie Bernal of 34th Street Catering for an amazing menu to bring back our memories of visits to […]

Reunion Weekend Details: 30 Days And Counting

RSVP by responding on the Event Page on facebook, or by EMAILING HERE. Please respond by September 20th, so that we know to hold your ACL ticket.

In earlier years, our reunions were designed around a one-day pass to ACL. ACL no longer sells single-day tickets! This year, we purchased wristbands to the sold-out […]

High School Sweethearts Engaged To Wed

The Reverend Bo and Beth Townsend announce the engagement of their daughter, Adair, to Alex Taube, the son of Eric and Judy Taube, all of Austin, Texas.

Adair is a 2007 graduate of St. Andrew’s. She graduated cum laude from Texas Christian University in 2011 with a B.S. in nursing, where she was a member […]

Tori Harrison ’08 Saving Lax At Cal Berkeley

The lacrosse season has just begun for St. Andrew’s. It was only four seasons ago that High School All-American, Tori Harrison, graced the St. Andrew’s lacrosse fields. Her energy, skills, enthusiasm, and endurance are still legendary. She headed to Cal Berkeley and became a starter as a freshmen. Fast forward four years. She begins her […]