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Anna Butler ’07: Teaching in Vienna

Anna Butler ’07 studied abroad in Vienna during her junior year at Wake Forest. She knew she wanted to return, but was surprised when a great opportunity arose. After graduation in May of last year, she was asked to join Wake Forest’s study abroad program as a program assistant. In addition to administrative […]

Blair Campion ‘10: Czeching In

Blair Campion is currently studying abroad in Prague focusing on Political Science. Political Science is her second major (the other being Theatre). She is currently enrolled in Introduction to International Relations, The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Politics of the European Union, and Global Security Studies. Blair happened to arrive during a record cold spell. She writes, […]

Ashwin Rao ’03: A Path to Law School

Ashwin Rao ‘03, came to Homecoming last weekend and it was fun to catch up. Ashwin is now attending UT Law School. Above left: Ashwin at the SAS Senior Welcome with his brother Kiran ’08, in 2002. Above right: Ashwin with Judge Edward C. Prado, who sits on the United States Court of Appeals for […]